Ash Milan – Author

Ash Milan – Author


Ash C. Milan, a London-based British writer of Bangladeshi origin, tells the story of Meena and Kareem in this momentous and often forgotten historical event brought back to life.

Ash Milan was inspired to write his first novel O.R. Nizam Road due to his love of literature. He had up to three hours daily commute to work, so he spent his time reading novels.  It gave him the idea to set himself a personal challenge and write a novel of his own. He chose the war of Bangladeshi independence because it was personal to him. His parents lived through the War of Independence, so the novel is a thank you to the previous generations for their sacrifice.

O.R. Nizam Road is a vividly, beautifully written love story that tells the tale of a childhood unrequited love that crosses cultures and two continents. Fate, family, politics and war finally bring the two young lovers together only to be thwarted by the changing politics, violence, and oppression that created Bangladesh. This colourful, authentic story with characters you just fall in love with, will explain the history of how and why what is now modern-day Bangladesh had to emerge from the repressive forces of East Pakistan.

What’s the book about? 

O.R Nizam Road

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An Interview With Ash Milan – Author of O.R. Nizam Road


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