Hugo Andres Pardo Gadea – Author

Hugo Andres Pardo Gadea – Author


Hugo is from Viveiro in Galicia and is a teacher in London.

Since Hugo was a child, he loved reading. He often remembers himself with a book in his hands.  Hugo loves history too, as he finds it fascinating, especially European history.  Hugo mostly reads novels or books about history. Then, he studied Journalism at University and worked for two years as a journalist, where he also discovered my passion for writing. Although during his work in a newspaper and a press office, Hugo had to write stories, reports and interviews about actual people and facts, in 2009 and 2011 he tried to combine his three passions –reading, history and writing, and he started his fictional novel, set in a real historical period: Europe from 1912 to 1920. While writing on his laptop, Hugo used to save his work in a file called “Experimentos literarios” (Writing experiments) when he had not yet decided the title of his first novel.

Read about Hugo’s first novel here:

Y entonces perdimos la inocencia. La madre y el hijo 1912-1920

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