Mothballs and Coconut

Mothballs and Coconut


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Mothballs & Coconut


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Laila, Salma, and Aliya navigate their way through parental expectations and matters of the heart.  Set in 1990s London, Mothballs and Coconut is a story of love, friendship and betrayal that crosses two generations.

“Tonight, the sky seemed different. The night blue was gone, and in its place was a blanket of black. In one corner of the sky, the ebony clouds had parted to reveal a brilliant white light that shone through; I’d never noticed the night sky look so black before. I thought I knew all the colours of the sky. I had a reoccurring dream; it was always about my father, my childhood, and summer parties on someone’s lawn. The dream always ended with the sky turning a strange colour of spicy orange. I called it my saffron-coloured dream. I wonder whether it’s my father’s way of keeping his memory alive within me, but doesn’t he know that I’ll never forget him? The heat was oppressive, but the tiled balcony floor was cool and soothing on my feet.”







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