The Christmas Stocking

The Christmas Stocking


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About the book:

A little girl loves Christmas with all her heart but wonders why Santa Claus seems to have forgotten her again this festive season. 

About the writer

My family is originally from Bangladesh, a country far from England where I was born in the 1970s. Christmas was not part of my family’s cultural or religious heritage, so, as the first generation of immigrants in the United Kingdom, my Parents didn’t normally celebrate this festival. When I was a child, I adored the magic of Christmas with all my heart. When my father saw how much this time of year meant to me, he decided that Christmas would always be a very special day for our family. Even though my father is no longer with us, every generation of my family gathers together at Christmas, no matter where we might be in the world. Every year my mother, to preserve the legacy of my father by lovingly prepares a huge turkey to celebrate this magical time of year with our friends and neighbours.

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